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Educational Resources

Educational Resources for GIVF Fertility Patients

Our mission at GIVF Fertility is to provide our patients with excellent care, high-quality patient support, and the knowledge to make informed decisions about their care to help them pursue their dream of becoming parents.

We have supplied a series of brochures that can help patients understand the various treatment options and the processes involved. We also encourage our patients to ask questions of their nurses or coordinator as they will guide you through your diagnostic testing and the infertility treatment process.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Information Guides

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine is an excellent resource for fertility patients. Below are a list of guides and resources that our patients have found useful.

GIVF Fertility Brochures & Informational One-Pagers

We also offer several brochures and fact sheets in order to make sure our patients have access to the information they need about our procedures and treatment options.

Newly Pregnant Patient Guides & FAQs


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