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Fresh Donor Egg IVF Cycles

Fresh Donor Egg IVF Cycles at GIVF

At GIVF Fertility, donor egg recipients can choose from either fresh or frozen donor eggs. Our egg donors are rigorously screened and undergo the same careful selection process as those in our frozen donor program. You can view the generous, talented, and educated donors and read their histories in our fresh donor directory.

Your Fresh Donor Egg IVF Cycle Process

Many patients who decide on donor egg IVF are eager to begin treatment. The GIVF Fertility patient care team works hard to reduce delays so you can proceed with treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment schedules vary based on pre-cycle testing requirements, compatibility with the donor’s schedule, and other logistical or medical factors. Patients take few medications and monitoring only requires a handful of appointments. Many patients find donor egg IVF to be easier than traditional IVF treatments.

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