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Fertility Process

Every person’s fertility journey is unique. Many patients will follow a common process, though your infertility specialist will discuss the process with you in detail, but here is an overview ofthe program at the Genetics & IVF Institute. Know that we will guide you on the best care options for your parenting journey.

Step 1—Initial Consultation With a Specialist

Once you schedule a consultation, you will visit with your reproductive endocrinologist to review your medical history, your family-building goals, and your fertility concerns.

Step 2—Meet Coordinator & Begin Testing

Next, you’ll meet your personal GIVF coordinator, who will be with you every step of the way, and then you will completes a series of tests.

Step 3—Review Test Results & Create Treatment Plan

After reviewing your fertility test results, your reproductive endocrinologist will recommend a treatment plan. Together, you will decide on a treatment plan that is right for your needs and goals in building your family.

Step 4—Determine Financial Options

The next step in the fertility process is to review your financial options with one of our financial counselors. They will help you with your insurance plan and authorization, any self-pay costs, and any financing options. Your financial counselor will also discuss other details with you and address any other payment concerns you may have.

Step 5—Order & Receive Medications

Next, your GIVF coordinator will help you order your medications, if needed, and thoroughly review how to use each one.

Step 6—Start Treatment Cycle

Then it’s time to start your treatment plan and begin the path of building your family.

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