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Frozen Donor Egg IVF Program

Frozen Donor Egg IVF Cycles at GIVF

At GIVF Fertility, donor egg recipients can choose from either fresh donor eggs or frozen donor eggs. Frozen donor eggs are available from our in-house egg bank, Fairfax EggBank, which provides patients with more choices and opportunities to find their ideal egg donor.

The experienced Fairfax EggBank embryologists, client relations team, and donor screening staff have guided thousands of patients to successful pregnancies. Home to one of the largest repositories of frozen donor eggs in the United States, patients can use the Fairfax EggBank extensive donor directory to find the best match for their families. View the immediately available donors in the Fairfax EggBank Donor Database.

Your Frozen Donor Egg IVF Cycle Process

We understand that most donor egg recipients are eager to start treatment. Whether you choose fresh or frozen donor eggs, the GIVF Fertility care team works hard to eliminate delays and administrative barriers so you can proceed with treatment as soon as possible.

The time from initial consultation to the start of treatment may vary based on pre-cycle testing requirements, and other logistical or medical factors. The medications involved in the patient’s treatment are minimal, and most cycles only require a few monitoring appointments. Patients who have undergone traditional IVF in the past typically find that donor egg IVF is a far easier treatment.

Does a Donor Egg IVF Pregnancy Differ From a Pregnancy Using My Own Eggs?

Once your pregnancy is established, there is nothing that distinguishes a donor egg IVF pregnancy from any other. Some donor egg parents choose to tell their children that they were donor conceived, while others choose to not disclose this information. If you plan to share this information with your child, here is an article with a list of books that may make the conversation easier.

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