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Fertility Preservation

The decision to start a family can be a difficult one. For several reasons, patients may need to postpone having children until later in life. Also, patients may have certain medical conditions or undergo treatments that could affect their future fertility. For those patients, GIVF Fertility offers fertility preservation. Advanced reproductive technology offers options such as sperm cryopreservationegg freezing, and embryo cryopreservation to help patients keep the door of having a biological child open for the future.

We are dedicated to providing appropriate counseling and education to patients to ensure they are aware of all their present and future fertility options so they can make the best-informed decisions regarding their care.

Who Can Benefit From Fertility Preservation?

There are many reasons to preserve your fertility, including prior to cancer treatment and exposure to dangerous chemicals, waiting to find the right partner, pursuing educational and/or career advancement, before starting gender-affirming hormones, or before undergoing other medical treatments or procedures that could affect fertility. Whatever the reason, almost anyone who has a healthy reproductive system can consider preserving their fertility for the future. An important note to keep in mind is the age-related decline in fertility and ovarian reserve can make certain fertility preservation options such as egg freezing or embryo cryopreservation time-sensitive. Optimally, these conversations should be started by the mid-30s or earlier to maximize success.

Are There Fertility Preservation Options for Cancer Patients?

It is important that a patient receiving cancer treatment realize they are not alone and that they have fertility preservation options—from egg and sperm storage to embryo or testicular tissue storage to fertility enhancement.

Fertility preservation for cancer patients at GIVF Fertility provides patients with the ability to schedule a rapid consultation with a fertility specialist who will work seamlessly with the oncologist to provide integrated service. Read more information about fertility preservation options for cancer patients, here.

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