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International Division

Our international division is involved in GIVF Fertility’s international cooperation on genetics and assisted reproductive medicine services, especially in China and Southeast Asia by providing development, investment, and related technical and management services. The international division also provides “Green Channel” services for Chinese and Asian patients who seek diagnosis and treatment at GIVF Fertility in the United States.

Weipeng Zhao, MD


Dr. Weipeng Zhao is well known in China for his pioneering contributions in organ transplantation, urinary tumor, microsurgery in urology, renal artery diseases, Dr. Zhao came to the US in 1990 at the invitation of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), where he served as an International Exchange Scientist (visiting professor).

In April 1994, Dr. Zhao joined GIVF Fertility and founded GIVF’s International Division. As Director of the Division and Vice President of GIVF, he worked with Chinese partners to establish the first facility in China that specializes in providing reproductive medicine, which opened the door for reproductive medicine in China. With its Chinese partners, GIVF Fertility established the Ji Ai GIVF Fertility China-USA Centers in Shanghai, Guangdong, and Heilongjiang as well as a Branch Center in Huzhou, Zhejiang. Shanghai Ji Ai has been operating successfully since 1997. Dr. Zhao served on the first Board Director and President of Shanghai Ji Ai. Currently, he is the Honorary Board Director and President of Shanghai Ji Ai. He is also the Board Director and Chief Executive Officer of GIVF Fertility International.

A graduate of the Medical Department of Shanghai First Medical College, Professor Zhao was a Chief Physician, Chief of the Urology Division, and Deputy Head of the Surgical Teaching and Research Group at the affiliated Huashan Hospital. He was a member of the 3rd Committee of China Society of Urology and served several times as Committee Member and Secretary General of Shanghai Urology Society of China Medical Society. Internationally, he was member of the Tenth International Microsurgery Academic Committee, Leader of the Microsurgical Urology Group, and Deputy Leader of Lymphatic Microsurgery Group in 1989.

He received the 60th Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Award in urology surgery and andrology from the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Medical Association in 2010.  He won the Magnolia Memorial Award issued by the Shanghai municipal government in 2015. He was the recipient of China’s patent on male penile prosthesis and other major science and technology awards from the Chinese Ministry of Health and Shanghai Municipal Government. He was also appointed as a panel member in reproductive medicine in the China region for Fellowship Award of Milstein Medical Asian Partnership Foundation for Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Zhao is the author of 144 published scientific papers and many chapters in more than 10 professional books. He is the organizer and editor-in-chief for the Chinese translation of 1st and 2nd editions of the Andrology Handbook published by the American Andrology Association, as well as a member of the editorial board and contributing reviewer for various Chinese medical journals in surgery, urology, andrology, and microsurgery over the past 50 years. He has been invited as a foreign expert, with the Expert Certificate awarded by the Chinese government for four consecutive years.

Hong Zhao, MSc

Dr Hong Headshot for GIVF Fertility ShanghaiVice Director

Mr. Hong Zhao graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and studied at the Indian School of Business. Prior to joining GIVF Fertility, he was a senior executive in several multinational global firms, serving as Vice President for Gulf States, North Africa, South Africa, and the Asia Pacific Region. He also served in a humanitarian aid unit of United Nations and is multilingual.

Mr. Zhao joined GIVF Fertility in 2014, with his primary responsibilities on international business and development. Currently, he is the Vice Director of GIVF Fertility International, as well as Vice Chairman and Vice President of Shanghai Ji Ai.

Angela Ke

Angela Ke for GIVF Fertility ShanghaiAssistant to Director & Executive Secretary

Ms. Angela Ke joined the International Division of GIVF Fertility in 2016 as the Assistant to Director and Executive Secretary, assisting the director and vice director in the daily operation and management of Shanghai Ji Ai and the development of new projects in China. She is also responsible for GIVF’s “Green Channel”, helping Chinese patients seeking treatment at GIVF Fertility in the United States.

Ms. Ke graduated from the China University of Geosciences with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business English. In China, she served as the Overseas Sales Executive and member of Flight Operation Board in Airshow China, Project Executive in South China, Guangzhou Officer of Messe Dusseldorf China, and Director of Asian Association of Lighting Designers and Editor-in-Chief of Asian Lighting. She was responsible of organizing large-scale international trade exhibitions and events in many industries, involving sales, marketing, media, event planning, administration, and management. She also worked in the Airport Council International – North America and the United Dental Group in the United States.

Additional International Division Staff

Gi Yuan
Honorary Advisor: Siling Xiang, MD
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