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Our Patient Care Team

Sarah Crumbley, RN

Director of Nursing

Sarah’s career began 20+ years ago as a licensed practical nurse and a sergeant for the United States Army. She graduated from the nursing program at Excelsior College in Albany, New York and quickly passed her boards to become a registered nurse. She has served as a women’s health nurse throughout her entire career, loving all aspects from OB/GYN clinic to labor and delivery to her current role as a fertility nurse. She has been a fertility nurse for 17 years in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

She is very passionate about supporting patients holistically through their fertility journey. She believes that the mind, body, and spirit should be connected in harmony, especially during such a potentially stressful time, and as such, she often offers guidance through the process. In her free time, she finds joy in teaching women natural childbirth through HypnoBirthing. Sarah is a devoted mother to three kids and enjoys spending quality time with them.

Mary C. Sands, MS, CGC

Licensed, Certified Genetic Counselor

Mary is a board-certified genetic counselor providing both preconception and prenatal genetic counseling services. She joined GIVF Fertility in 2004 after earning a Master of Science in Genetics from the genetic counseling graduate program at Case Western Reserve University. Before that, Mary earned a bachelor of arts from the College of Wooster in biology in 1997 and worked as a clinical laboratory specialist in cytogenetics at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions from 1997 to 2002. She is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, is board-certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling and is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mary has extensive experience helping patients navigate all aspects of reproductive genetic testing. She works in tandem with Dr. Stern in the reproductive genetics division of GIVF, both with preconception and low-risk populations, and with patients carrying high-risk pregnancies with fetal anomalies or other genetic risk factors. Patient education and supporting her patients as they consider or pursue genetic testing on themselves, or their pregnancies, are her priorities.

In addition to providing prenatal counseling, Mary is a member of the assisted reproductive technology division at GIVF. She is the clinical coordinator for the preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) program at GIVF Fertility and offers direct patient consultation to patients regarding PGT on their embryos and for those with genetic disease reproductive risk factors. She also has experience serving on our Institutional Review Board (IRB) and was IRB coordinator from 2008-2011.

Elena Disson, ARDMS

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Elena is a licensed registered sonographer in OB/GYN who joined GIVF Fertility in 2002. She studied sonography at the Institute of Technology in Miami, Florida, and is highly skilled in providing compassionate, high-quality care to our patients. Elena also speaks fluent Russian.



Chicquita Johnson, CRCS

Financial Counselor

Chicquita joined GIVF Fertility in 2005 and has worked in healthcare for over 35 years. She specializes in individualized financial treatment plans for patients and highly values her ability to ensure patients know and understand their financial options and insurance benefits. Chicquita attended Catholic University and is certified with the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management.


Jenny Chen, RN

Patient Care Coordinator

Jenny joined GIVF Fertility as a procedure nurse in 2018. She has always had a passion for nursing. She worked as operating room nurse in China for twelve years as well as a charge nurse and dialysis nurse, in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and an outpatient clinic. As an experienced nurse, her approach to care is to use critical thinking skills and knowledge to ensure the safety of her patients, and to provide high quality service. She is bilingual, fluent in Chinese and English. She graduated from PA College of Health Sciences. In her spare time, she listens to music, dances, travels, cooks, and enjoys chatting with her family and friends.

Kirsty Howard, RN

Patient Care Coordinator

Kirsty is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in nursing from George Mason University. She has 7 years of healthcare experience in the private and hospital settings. Before joining GIVF, Kirsty worked as a labor & delivery and postpartum nurse where she found her true calling in Women’s Health, specifically, infertility nursing. She enjoys building personal bonds with patients and is passionate about helping women and couples achieve their ultimate dream.

Kirsty was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where many of her family members still live. She moved to America at the age of 5 and has since become an American citizen. Kirsty married her college sweetheart in a dream Safari destination wedding surrounded by family and friends.  In her free time, Kirsty enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, and making unforgettable memories.

Mandy Zeng, RN

Patient Care Coordinator

Mandy joined GIVF Fertility in 2014 and is very experienced in all aspects of fertility coordination and care of our patients. As a native Chinese speaker, she is also strongly involved in helping patients from China receive treatment in the U.S. 



Missy Coy

Patient Care Coordinator

Missy joined GIVF Fertility in 2004 and is highly experienced in the many facets of fertility patient care. As a medical assistant, Missy’s expertise has spanned care for egg donors, donor egg IVF patients, and oncology patients. Originally from Virginia, she studied at Fort Lewis College in Colorado as well as Northern Virginia Community College. Missy is married to her high school sweetheart and is a mother of three teenagers, and a doggie. She enjoys reading, crafts, family time, and vacationing at the beach.

Laurel Patton

Patient Care Coordinator

Laurel joined the GIVF Fertility team in 1985 and has helped thousands of patients realize their dream of parenthood. Inspired by her empathy with those facing reproductive challenges, she moved from the lab to direct work with patients as a care coordinator. Laurel provides nurturing and knowledgeable support to each patient’s journey throughout their process.

She completed her bachelor of science in biology at George Mason University, as well as graduate classes at George Mason University and George Washington University. Laurel enjoys the ocean, walking outdoors, baking, volunteer work, and sewing in her free time.

Stephanie Woodridge

Financial Services Coordinator

Stephanie joined GIVF Fertility in 2006 and provides excellent care and guidance to patients to help them navigate their treatment process. Stephanie has an extensive career in women’s health, working with OB/GYNs for over 30 years. She is a retired Navy spouse, and enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and family.



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