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Genetic Counseling

Decisions about family planning, genetic testing, and diagnostic testing can seem difficult; however, the genetics team at Genetics & IVF Institute is experienced in assisting patients through the process and helping them make informed decisions about their testing options.

Some Common Reasons for Genetic Counseling

  • Family history of a chromosome or congenital abnormality.
  • Patient aged 35 years or older at the time of pregnancy delivery.
  • Abnormal blood test in the current pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound results show a congenital abnormality or marker associated with a genetic condition.
  • Your wish to have genetic disease carrier screening or your test shows that you are at risk for a child with a genetic disorder.
  • A previous abnormal pregnancy.

What to Expect at a Genetics & IVF Institute Genetic Counseling Appointment

You will meet with a licensed, certified genetic counselor or reproductive geneticist at your appointment to review your family history, ethnicity, personal health, and pregnancy history. Analysis of this information allows the genetics specialist to determine with you which, if any, tests would provide helpful information for your reproductive and family planning.

Whether you could benefit from diagnostic testing, prenatal screening, and other tests will vary depending on your health and family history. The benefits and limitations of all the current testing options will be explained to you. If you decide to move forward with genetic testing, they may be completed on the same day as your consultation, or you may choose to make an appointment for testing on a different day.

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