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Egg Freezing to Preserve Your Fertility

Preserve your fertility for when you are ready. Since women are born with a set number of eggs and cannot produce new ones, there is a significant age-related decline in fertility in both egg count and quality. Egg freezing gives you a better chance to start your family when you’re ready. By freezing your eggs, you will have the benefit of time to achieve your goals before you start your parenting journey. The younger age at which you freeze your eggs, the higher the chance of a successful outcome when you use them in the future.

Why Choose GIVF for Your Egg Freezing?

A pioneer in fertility services for over 35 years, Genetics & IVF Institute was one of the first to successfully develop a protocol for egg freezing.

Using our proven techniques, GIVF established one of the country's most trusted frozen donor egg banks. Our expert embryologists train clinical teams across the nation on our egg freezing processes and best practices.

Just as important as being able to freeze your eggs, it is crucial to find a clinic with high success rates in thawing the eggs for your future use. The GIVF lab team has an egg thaw rate of 93% thaw rate, which offers a better chance for conception using your eggs when you're ready.

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Who Benefits From Egg Freezing?

People postpone having children for many reasons, such as traveling, building a career, continuing their education, or waiting to find the right partner. Statistically, more adults are waiting to have children at an older age. And later in live, fertility can become an issue. Egg freezing provides a way to preserve fertility until they are ready.

People who've been diagnosed with cancer can preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs before they begin cancer treatment that may be harmful to the eggs and ovaries. Freezing their eggs improves their chances of getting pregnant once they have finished treatment and are cleared by their oncologist. Also, people considering gender-affirming hormone therapy may decide that they want to freeze their eggs prior to beginning treatment. Allowing them the opportunity to have their own biological children in the future.

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Egg freezing is a choice that helps people extend their fertility allowing them to plan for parenthood and their future families. There are several reasons why patients choose to freeze their eggs:

  • To focus on educational and career advancement
  • To wait until they have found the right partner
  • Before cancer treatments or because of other serious health issues
  • To provide peace of mind should they have difficulties later in life conceiving via traditional methods
  • Prior to gender-affirming hormone therapy

While there are no guarantees, egg freezing can significantly increase a patient’s chances of conception later in life using their own eggs.

Our highly experienced embryologists maintain excellent egg thaw survival rates above 90%. It is crucial not just to be able to freeze eggs, but to also thaw them successfully for the best chance of viability. The pregnancy and live birth rates from frozen eggs depend on how many were frozen and the patient’s age when they were frozen.

The primary risk of egg freezing is a condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). The ovaries become enlarged, and fluid can build up in the abdomen sometimes requiring treatment after the egg retrieval. Studies have shown that with egg freezing, OHSS occurs in less than 1% of cycles.

As with any procedure, there are the rare risks of infection, bleeding, and ovarian torsion. Fortunately, these risks are very low.

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