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Yahoo Email Issue

Yahoo & AOL emails filtering Office365 emails to Spam

We are aware that some patients are not receiving emails from us and upon investigation have learned that this is due to a larger, more widespread issue with emails sent from a Microsoft365 client to a Yahoo or AOL client where the sender’s emails get automatically filtered into the receiver’s Spam folder.

From the Yahoo Postmaster:

“… you may have noticed an increase in mail going to the spam folder for senders using Office 365 and other Microsoft products.

At this moment, we can only advise that you have your recipients mark your mail as “not spam” or “ham” as you receive contacts regarding this issue.

Our engineering team has determined that there isn’t a specific fix date for this issue, but we’re still working diligently to find additional resolutions. Thanks for your patience.”

In addition to the marking any messages you see in spam as “not spam,” we also recommend you add and to your safe senders list, and add both your coordinator and to your address book.

Even with all the above, we cannot guarantee our emails (or any coming from an Outlook365/Microsoft server) will be delivered to your inbox, therefore we highly recommend providing a non-Yahoo/non-AOL email address to us to use for all future email communications.

To do so, you may call our front desk team during regular business hours at 703-689-7355 or send us an email with your additional email address. In your email, please be sure to include your first and last name and your date of birth along with your non-Yahoo/non-AOL email.


Thank you for your understanding & assistance,

GIVF Staff



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